Review of Married Secrets...

Marriedsecrets is the name for a sexy adult dating site, not a relationship counseling site in case you were confused. It's my favorite new site to meet cougars and women looking to cheat. I was surprised to see so many couples seeking other couples on the site. As for clientele, they have a ton of subscribers, which kind of surprised me. I thought they were faux pas enough to keep out a lot of people. Apparently I was sorely mistaken and I love it.

Without sites like marriedsecrets online, people would have a hard time finding others like them. You just can't walk up to a married woman on the side of the street and ask if she's into cheating on her husband. Luckily marriedsecrets allows you to skip the questions and get right to business.

The biggest downside to is that it seems to be geared more towards actual meetups than online encounters. Personally, I prefer hooking up via webcam so that you can weed out the crazy women that might want to stalk you. In fact, I had a woman once get a Private Investigator to stalk me for her. I had met her once for a date and after we had sex she just went crazy. Granted, I didn't call her again but I made it very clear that I was not looking for a relationship.

There are two types of girls out there. There are girls that are always looking for a monogamous relationship (these are the sweet girls you marry) and then there are the girls that are always looking for a relationship (girls on this site). The latter is the kind you'll find on marriedsecrets and usually the ones that are a little more fun. You can't have a jealous bone in you body if you want to date one of these girls though, because that can also get you into some trouble.

As far as the signup process and fees, marriedsecrets is pretty standard. They aren't outrageous but it isn't cheap either. This is a good and a bad thing. The bad part is that it will take from your pocketbook, but the good news is that it helps weed out some of the less desirable subscribers. If these adult dating sites were totally free, you wouldn't even want to see some of the girls on these sites. There would be a complete infiltration of heavy white trash girls out for your affection.